Open Letter to Nexus Raiders

Hello fellow raiders and friends,


It has been quite a while since my last open letter to the community, but I feel that today is an appropriate time for another. Our staff and I have been working tirelessly to continually bring you the most enjoyable gaming experience possible and, though we’ve hit a couple bumps along the way, I am immensely proud of this community and what we’ve been able to accomplish.


There are several groups of members I would like to thank, but I think the first order of thanks should go to all our members for being positive and wonderful people, in game and out. Despite individual differences, I’ve seen Nexus Raiders come together to have a good time and stay true to our community’s highest value: to “…promote a positive gaming experience – regardless of skill, experience, or expertise.” As your community manager, one of my favorite things to see is people getting on curse voice to meet others in the community and develop new friendships. Gaming is truly a different experience when you are buddies with everyone in your party – to help each other improve in the losses and to celebrate with each other in the victories. A leader is only as great as the ones he leads and I am truly thankful for the privilege of being your commander.


I won’t mention any names here, but those of you who reach out to new members on Facebook or in-game to make them feel welcome are truly MVPs. You all are the reason why we have such high member retention. I’d like this to be an example for all Nexus Raiders – I know that it’s easy and fun to just play with the same group of people every day (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but I challenge everyone to party up with some people who you may not recognize in our channel chat. You never know if they’ll become some of your closest friends.


To our team captains – you are a special bunch (in a great way). Thanks for taking the initiative to lead teams to compete in our tournaments! It seems as though we have many members, but very few who have the desire to lead, so I truly thank you for stepping up and helping those other members have a good time. I hope that you all (and hopefully some new captains) will continue to bring people together, not just to compete in our tournaments, but to game together regularly and build new relationships.


If you have been enjoying our giveaways, celebrity guests features, tournaments, and prizes, you have our patrons at to thank. I’m in the middle of revamping our Patreon to officially launch with our New Year Festival, but we’ve had a few Nexus Raiders pledging and donating every month for quite a while now. To our patrons, thank you for your generosity and for allowing Nexus Raiders to have the nice things that we have. Without you, we wouldn’t have a website or be able to provide such awesome giveaways for the community.


It’s not every day that you come across a group of talented individuals who have the passion and desire to help make something great, but it has been my unique pleasure to lead a staff team that consistently puts their best foot forward to help the Nexus Raiders community continue its path of greatness. I know that I’m not a perfect leader, but having you all to work alongside me and back me up gives me the confidence to make decisions and do all the things that I do. I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing individuals and I hope that you share the same sentiment.


As we enter the holiday season and approach our New Year Festival (also marks our 1-year anniversary), I hope that all Nexus Raiders will take some form of initiative to integrate themselves into our community. The easiest would probably getting registered as an official member (, since we’re moving away from using our battle document. You could also help out by becoming a patron like I mentioned earlier to help fund the community. Even a dollar or two a month goes a long way.


Regardless of how you decide to integrate yourself, I am thankful for your participation in our community and I’m looking forward to announcing the amazing things we have in store for our New Year Festival! GLHF and never game alone (:


Your commander and yours to command,