New Podcast Series!

Nexus Raiders is proud to present the Heroes 101 and Hero Trainer podcast series! These community podcasts are expected to occur on a weekly basis and will be streamed to our twitch channel, where you'll also be able to ask our hosts questions and engage in the session (dates/times to be announced)

All episodes will also be available on our YouTube channel so don't worry if you miss the live show! We'll also be emailing a downloadable shortened mp3 version of the Heroes 101 series to official Nexus Raiders members so be sure to REGISTER if you haven't already!

In Heroes 101, elite and high ranked community members will be presenting competitive and in-depth strategies and tips. This podcast will be a great resource for anyone trying to rank up or improve their overall skills in Heroes of the Storm. All sessions are at least an hour long, not including any extra time to answer questions from the twitch chat.

Hero Trainer is our community's Learn-to-Play podcast for Heroes of the Storm, where we'll be giving general tips, advice, and strategies for people who are just getting started with HotS or for those between Bronze and Gold league. These episodes will vary much more in length, depending on the topic to be discussed.

We're always trying to think of ways to reward our patrons at for supporting the community - with that said, we'll be adding a level of exclusivity to our Heroes 101 podcast! ALL patrons will get access to full Heroes 101 sessions, whereas only a shortened version will be available to the public on YouTube. All patrons will also receive a downloadable mp3 of the complete sessions as well.

These are just a few of the awesome exciting things that are coming to Nexus Raiders so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!