Community Rules & Guidelines

As a member of the Nexus Raider community, it is expected that you act in accordance with our Mission Statement. If you are a member of the community and found behaving in a way that does not align with our mission, you run the risk of being reported. These behaviors include, but are not limited too:

  • Using derogatory, degrading, or discriminatory language.
  • Malicious intent.
  • Insensitive comments. (This COULD include sarcasm due to the difficulty in interpreting tone through text communication, so please be aware of who your audience is and how your behavior may impact others differently than intended).


While constructive criticism can be a great way to grow and develop skills in the community. It would be ill advised to be providing unsolicited feedback because more often than not the “advisor’s” intent rarely matches up with the impact that it has on the “advisee.”

If, despite this warning, you still feel inclined to offer up some tips or advice, please make sure that your constructive criticism is being delivered privately, unless previously agreed upon by both parties that a more public discourse is appropriate. Public delivery of criticism often  becomes a form of shaming, which is not tolerated in Nexus Raiders.


If you are a Nexus Raider Staff member, your professionalism and adherence to our Mission Statement is of utmost importance. We expect you to be patient, even in trying times. You are a leader in our community and the best leaders lead by example and lead through service to others.