How Do I Submit a Report?

If you witness a Nexus Raider member acting outside of the outlined Community Rules and Guidelines, please feel free to submit a report by filling out our Contact Form! Ensuring the safety of our players are of the utmost importance and we guarantee that these reports will be kept as confidential as possible.

If the report is text-based, please make sure to attach a screenshot or game replay file. If the report is based off of spoken communication (ie. through Curse Voice), write down what was said with as little paraphrasing as possible. Additionally, if the report is verbally-based, please try to include an additional battletag for a witness that we can verify and cross-reference the report.

What happens when a player gets reported?

  1. For any player, the first time they get reported, the report is reviewed by the Nexus Raider moderators and the player is notified that they had been reported and the reason behind why they were reported (ie. toxicity).

  2. For the second report, the player is, again, given a verbal warning with the stated reason behind the report.

  3. When a player gets their third report, the community managers will present all three reports to a panel of 5 Nexus Raider staff members who have been uninvolved with the reports up until this point. The panel then judges the severity of the reports and decides on the appropriate disciplinary action to take, which may include having the player create a plan for how they want to move forward and have a positive impact in the community, having the player temporarily blacklisted from Nexus Raider tournaments and events, or having the player removed from the community.

*While we prefer to abide by the above procedure, the Community Managers may take immediate action at their own discretion to protect the integrity of the community. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.