Why support Nexus Raiders?

Just like any other business or organization, our community has roles and responsibilities that need to be taken care of in order to function properly. Our staff works hard to coordinate activities and provide resources to ensure that community members have the best gaming experience possible.

From maintenance fees to providing prizes for community activities, financial support is critically needed to cover costs and expand what we can bring to the Nexus Raiders experience.

How can i support Nexus Raiders?

The best way to support us would be to become a Patron @ Patreon.com/NexusRaiders! At Patreon, you can pledge an automatic monthly donation to Nexus Raiders and receive rewards based on your pledge tier. Alternatively, you could make a 1-Time Donation if you prefer supporting us in that way. Our store is also a good option - all of the profits go towards enriching the community experience and you can get some cool merchandise in the process!

Of course, we totally understand that not everyone is able to financially support our community, so don't worry if you aren't able to help us out in that way at this time. You can still support Nexus Raiders by being a friendly member of the community or even by helping as a staff member!

Use the navigation tabs to the left to find more information about the ways you can help. Whatever you decide, we love all the help we can get and are truly thankful for our generous members!