Social media

Nexus Raiders is currently on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, & Twitch

Facebook Page -

Our official Facebook page is where we post community-wide (and occasionally game-specific) news & updates. You may also contact staff by messaging our page if you're more comfortable doing that than using our web contact form. Visit our FB page

Facebook Groups

For each game our community is involved in, we have individual Facebook groups where members can participate in discussions, post relevant content, and get game-specific news & updates from staff.


This is where we post community PSAs, MVP screen caps, highlights, and more! If you'd like to contribute, post your screen cap or highlight in one of the Facebook groups.


Got a question or have a shoutout? Tweet us @NexusRaiders and we'll get to you as soon as possible. This is also where we make quick announcements so we don't clutter up Facebook notifications.


This is where we post our videos and streams of community events & highlights! If you'd like to submit a replay for us to turn into a highlight, >>CLICK HERE<< for more info.


Watch us live at! This is where we'll be streaming our podcasts, games, events, and more. You can also watch our live stream through the Curse Voice server app! If you ever miss a stream, don't worry - we upload our videos to our YouTube channel regularly for your viewing convenience.