Team Registration

Please note that all team members must be registered as official Nexus Raiders members for your team to qualify. Send your team logo to with your Team Name - if you don't already have a logo, we highly encourage you to get yours designed by one our graphic designers. Email for more details.

Please check the current roster to so that there aren't any name repetitions. Also, be sure that your team name, including spaces, does not exceed 20 characters
For example: #BlameStark -> #BS, Tilt Not Tilted -> TNT, Abusement Park -> AP
Team Captain *
Team Captain
Example: CommanderChu#1681
Team Member 1 *
Team Member 1
Team Member 2 *
Team Member 2
Team Member 3 *
Team Member 3
Team Member 4 *
Team Member 4
Team Member 5 *
Team Member 5
Teams are not required to have a substitute. However, a registered substitute may not register with another team.
Team Member 6 (Optional)
Team Member 6 (Optional)