investor relations

On behalf of the Nexus Raiders staff and community, thank you for supporting and believing in us! As staff, we do everything we can to ensure that our members have the best possible gaming experience and we appreciate you helping us accomplish that. Most of the funds are invested into getting guest casters and hosts, purchasing prizes and giveaways, paying our staff, and paying monthly maintenance fees.

Our finance team monitors our funds and determines budgeting - if you ever have questions or concerns, feel free to use the Contact Form.

We highly encourage members to support the Nexus Raiders community by becoming a Patron @ or by making a 1-time donation if they prefer to contribute in that way (scroll down for links and descriptions OR >>CLICK HERE<< to go directly to our support page).

Nexus Raiders is not currently accepting investment offers, but we are planning to incorporate an investors program in the near future! We will announce this in our DISCORD SERVER and on social media, so be sure to GET CONNECTED if you aren't already. If you'd like to discuss investment opportunities, you can contact

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All donations are appreciated! However, we highly encourage our members to become patrons on Patreon so we can reward you for pledges and give you the VIP treatment you deserve!