Here's the rundown

Nexus Raiders is a Heroes of the Storm eSports community dedicated to promoting a positive gaming experience for all members, regardless of skill, experience, or expertise. If you’re looking for friendly games and a good time, this is the place for you!

We host tournaments, events, and create opportunities for our members to party up so that no one has to game alone. Whether you’re new to Heroes of the Storm or a seasoned veteran, there’s a place here for you. The only major requirement is that you treat all community members with respect and courtesy.


how to get started:

Register as a member >> HERE <<

Personal information is kept confidential and is only used as a reference for shipping prizes and giveaways. It’s also important for helping us verify who you are and emailing you important updates.

Join our Discord server >> here <<

Discord is a text and voice communication platform that we use to have discussions, share experiences, and party up! This is also the primary way we share important Nexus Raiders announcements and coordinate community events.

When you join the server, be sure to change your nickname to your battle tag, including the #’s at the end. One of our staff members will grant you the “member” title after checking your registration/member status. When your membership is verified, you’ll be eligible for the seasonal giveaways and other fun rewards we give to our members for participating and being a part of the community!

Join our public in-game channel chat by entering
“/join nexus raiders” in the Heroes of the Storm chat box.

Our channel chat is a convenient way to see who’s online and whether or not people are available to party up. This is also where we post game links to our community events. Keep in mind, this is a public channel. Therefore, non-members may be present.


There are more things that we do and more ways to get involved, so when you get a chance, head over to the GET CONNECTED page! In the meantime, Good Luck & Have Fun!