Casual League

During each season, registered teams may compete in our Casual League for a portion of the season's prize pool! As the name implies, games are meant to be casual and at the convenience of the teams. Teams are eligible to participate in matches once all registration requirements have been fulfilled.

How To Win

For each game played between teams during the season (not including Master League games), the winning team will earn 3 points and the losing team will earn 2 points. At the end of the season, each team's points will be totaled and the top 3 teams will win a portion of the season's prize pool. In the event of a tie, the teams will play a Best-of-3 match to break the tie. **Team Captains are to report game results by sharing a screenshot of the score screen to the Captain's channel in our Discord Server**


Games are scheduled by the Team Captains and can take place at any day or time they decide, as long as it doesn't prevent either team from participating in any Master League games. There is no limit to how many games any two teams can play against each other.


For a game to count towards Casual League points, at least 4 members from each team must participate in the game. There are no restrictions on game modes (teams are welcome to play tournament draft, hero select, ARAM, brawl, etc). All registered teams are automatically entered into Casual League. However, teams from the top 4 of Master League are disqualified from winning any portion of the Casual League prize pool (there is a separate prize pool for Master League). **Teams may still participate in Casual League after being eliminated from Master League**